To create a purely blissful drink, one must start with pure ingredients. That is why we make our own syrups from scratch, by hand, in house. We have perfected the recipes with real local Anaheim honey, real lavender flowers, pure real vanilla to name a few.

House-Made Almond Milk

This process is a true labor of love! Made with only california almonds and the highest quality filtered alkaline water, you can’t find an almond milk more pure. From start to finish, the whole process takes about 3 hours to complete. We blend over 15lbs of almonds each week, straining and squeezing them all by hand! The next time you come in, be sure to ask for a sample of our almond milk - you are in for a real treat. If you’ve only tasted store-bought almond milk, you will be astonished by the difference in flavor and quality.

Home-Made Sauces

Our sauces are made fresh daily, made from scratch with our favorite inspirations from around the globe.